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At That Chocolate Company we strive to always use the freshest ingredients as we hand make each and every creation. We incorporate our own unique flavor pairings and are always adding new combinations.  If you would like something that you don't see please ask and we will gladly see what we can do to accommodate your order.  

Locals and Real Estate Agents


We would like to invite our locals to inquire for special events.  We have many options and love to customize with you for your events.  We are always happy to assist real estate agents during their open houses with varieties of platters or cupcakes. Please give us a call and we would love to work with our community.  

Our Products


Truffles:  6pc = $13.50            24pc = $48.00

                12pc = $25.00

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt            Dark Chocolate

Caramel Sea Salt                        Milk Chocolate

Caramel Green Apple                 Caramel

Red Wine Tarragon                     Vanilla

English Almond Toffee                Oreo 

Lemon Basil White Chocolate    Peanut Butter

Mango Habanero                         Jalapeno

Raspberry Chocolate                   Mint

Strawberry White Chocolate      Coconut

Bacon Bourbon Brown Sugar      Cappuccino

CRUNCH MIXES:     $10.50 individual bags

                                   $22.00 full tray

The Original - kettle chips,  pretzels,  popcorn and cashews drizzled with our house made Toffee,  dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. 

The Backpacker- popcorn,  pretzels,  kettle chips,  granola, dried cherries and almonds drizzled with our house made Toffee and dark chocolate. 

PB Lover - popcorn,  pretzels,  kettle chips and peanuts drizzled with our peanut butter and milk chocolate. 

Or Create Your Own Crunch Mix!


Chocolate dipped rods  $1.50 ea

Caramel filled and chocolate molded rods  $3 ea 

Peanut butter filled and chocolate molded rods $3 ea

Peanut butter filled nuggs chocolate striped $5 bg 

Caramel Clusters:  $2.50 - 4pc

 Milk chocolate caramel cashews

Milk chocolate caramel pecans

Milk chocolate c: ramel almonds. 


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